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Vasant V. Amin


I had some thoughts since last few years;

What is human?

 What is humanity?

 Are we humans or not?

If we claim that we do have a humanity, do we fulfill our duties of having humanity within us?

Do we have honesty? If yes, how much?

Do we always tell the truth on a daily basis?

Do we live our lives with morality?

What is purpose of our lives?

What is our position in this universe?

There is nothing new in these questions, however, I thought Nature had given us a very powerful and huge tool, the mind. How beautiful our mind is?  Still how strong, powerful, capable and tremendous our human mind is? We have infinite flow of thoughts in our mind. We have many  possibilities running constantly in our mind. Each and every one of us has these thoughts. I tried my best to place them together. Our thoughts run and change fast. It is very difficult for us to think on a particular subject for long. I myself experienced this.

I am not sure how successful I am placing these thoughts together, read them and provide me your feedback, positive or negative.

Your feedback is greatly appreciated.


Table of contents


What is Human?                                                                      

What is humanity?                                                                    

How many kinds of humans are there on this earth?          

Basic fundamentals; how to live a good life?          

Do we have a luster surrounding us?                                     

Mind, Thoughts and Attitude.                                                 

Self visualization                                                                       

Is effort strong or destiny (fate)?                                              

God and Us                                                                                 

Trust and Un-trust                                                                       

Truth and Untruth                                                                       




What is human?


Human means to hold humanity. He who holds humanity is called human. Humanity is our original, old and foremost religion. To hold humanity, to stand by humanity is our most basic and essential religion.


I am not talking about the religions in today’s world, because they were established later on by us (humans), for instant: Hinduism, Muslim, Jainism, Christianity, Buddhism etc. All these religions took place later on. We will think further in detail. Lets discuss the first thing first; we all born as a human being, so it is very simple and straightforward that we all must possess humanity. And it is very essential to have humanity.


The next question is what is religion? it means to stand by, to hold, to possess.


Just take few examples of Natural Elements;


·       Fire, fires religion is to burn.

·       Water. waters religion is to wet.

·       Wind. winds religion to blow the air.

·       Land. Lands religion to make seeds grow.

·       Sun. The Suns religion is to light.

·       Devta (angel). Devta’s religion is to protect the nature and mankind.



All these natural elements possess their own religion. We should look at these natural elements, how well organized, self-disciplined, and self-efficient they are. We never have to tell these natural elements that you should do your job. So think about humans in today’s society.


Are we, as a human possess humanity?

Do we fulfill our duties as human being?

Do we possess complete humanity on a daily basis?

Furthermore, are we humans by true means?


We breathe air every minute, every second to be alive. Should not we be thankful to nature?


We also need fire and light. Is human life possible without light and fire?


We drink plenty of water during a day to live.


We grow lots of grains from earth, to eat.


Is life possible without these natural elements.


And Angel’s job is to protect us. We believe or don’t believe, Angels would not leave us and stop protecting us. They will do their job.


So think about all natural elements surrounding us. If they can do their job, why can not we do our job and hold, stand by, and possess humanity?


Thus, Humans religion is to have humanity, is to hold humanity.










What is humanity?


Humanity means to be kind, or to have kindness. Humanity means to forgive, or to have forgiveness. Humanity means to feed a hungry person, to water a thirsty person. It means if we have an extra item, we give it to the needy individual. It means to respect others, give donation, time etc. This is what we call humanity. This is great. However humanity is not limited to these things alone. Humanity is far much more than these things.


Are we human completely? We have to ask this question over and over many times during day’s activities.  It would be better if we ask this question over and over as many times during days activities. We all work and act and react in day-to-day lives. We come in a contact with many individuals on a daily basis. And the way we act and react;


Is it good by true means?

Are we really a human by true means?

Is our attitude like a true human being?

Do we really act like a human?

Do we live our daily life by true means?

Do we hold or possess humanity everyday, every moment in life?

Do we fulfill our duties by true means? 


We have to ask these questions to ourselves many times during the day’s activities. We have to get into habit to ask these questions to ourselves, and thus we will gain knowledge of what we are, who we are, what we have, what we don’t have and it will give us a lifetime chance to seek “being an Individual” by true means.


Look at the elements in nature. Fire (The Sun, Light), water, air, Earth (land) and Ether. These five elements are produced from nature and hold their religion every moment. we should never forget that we are also created from nature. We should hold, possess “Humanity” in the same way the natural elements do. Ask these questions everyday to self. If each and every individual, each and every human being live life by true means, then is it not true that the heaven would be created here?


Think one-step further, do we teach our children the human religion, the humanity by true means? Children from the beginning will learn the things we teach. They will grow the way we teach them, educate them.

Just like a small plant, if you bend it, it will grow in the direction you bent. If one teaches his child not to go to that persons house, not to accompany that person. So obviously the child will ask: why? Then he will teach the child that the person is not good. Guess what?, the child will grow with that impression that the person is not good.  So the bottom line is, whatever we teach our children, they will grow up with that teachings and education.


The problem today is that the human left the humanity.

Next question we ask ourselves; Do the sun, water, fire, air and land left their religion? Hell no. Then why did we?


If fire leave its religion; to burn then would it not be difficult for the world? We should be well organized, disciplined, and self-efficient like natural elements. We should never leave our own religion of having humanity. If we leave our own religion, the humanity, all can see the problems. Today everywhere we go, there are problems.


We do not have the true knowledge of humanity today. It is lost. Humanity is the first piece of puzzle, the foremost and the most important clue and by time went on, we lost it. And we are not complete human beings without humanity. We do have other pieces of puzzle to complete the whole picture. But we do not have the first piece of humanity. And we follow the rest of the pieces of the whole picture of humanity very strictly.


My point is the very basic, very required and very important piece of whole picture of humanity is missing. Its like if we break the base of a tower building, what would happen to that tower building?


Its like if we put our child not in kinder garden, not in 1st, 2nd, 3rd or 4th grade but in 5th grade, what would happen to that child? Do we think like this? Do we have time to think like this? We, humans are in a same situation today as if the tower building can not stand without a solid base. 


We have all other pieces of whole picture. We build new temples, churches, and holy places time to time and renovate them periodically as needed. This is great. And other great thing about us is when we do these things, we do not have any expectations in return. We just do it for our own goodness. This is great. These activities are the basic fundamentals and should be carried out regularly. We are giving this knowledge to our future generations. However the essential part of us, the humanity is missing here.


Let me give you an example of my village; (the village I came from). We have had a population of 3 thousand individuals back then and we had 7 temples, which is great. I am not against any activity (of this whole picture) or things we do are wrong, however the guest house (Dharma-saala) is getting very old, by now it might not be there anymore. I am not against building a new temples in our so called human society or I am not against any religion activity we do. Should not the guest house be renovated?


Today, we do the rest of work which is very hard, and come in second, third, or forth place by all means, with great faith, without selfishness, by pure minds, and with firm determination regardless of our nationality, race, color, religion etc. But what about the work (the first piece of puzzle) in first place? Do we have this piece? We left this piece long time ago, intentionally or unintentionally. And that is why we see problems (like corruptions, lie, cheat, dishonesty etc.) everywhere nowadays.


We should not forget our own religion, the humanity just like:

Fire does not forget its religion to burn.

Wind does not forget its own religion to blow and provide us air.

The Sun does not forget its own religion to provide the light and heat.

The Land does not forget its own religion to grow.

The water does not forget its own religion to wet.

Angels do not forget their own religion to protect the mankind and the nature.


So why should we forget our own religion, the HUMANITY?


I am not telling that humanity is dead or destroyed completely, However the most important, essential and required, necessary step is missing here.


We are very conservative to follow from the second step, such as we have built the steps to reach God’s feet. Regardless of race, color, or nationality of ours, we do have other pieces such as temples, churches and mosques, Gods statues, portraits etc., the holy functions, celebrations, other holy activities, worship god, change Gods cloth regularly, bathe God with warm water everyday, and so on.


However the first step is missing. Yes, the first piece of puzzle, whole picture. Some humans have some pieces of this first step.


I am not telling that the humanity is completely destroyed, we do have humanity, we do have qualities. However, humanity within us comes and goes very fast.




Let me give you a simple and straightforward example:


Sit back, and think.


Imagine you are standing in a huge playground and its dark. There is a 20 feet by 20 feet baseboard in front of you. There are light bulbs onto the baseboard, thousands of light bulbs in a systemic rows. The baseboards 6 inches space from the edges left alone, now you have 19 feet across and down. In each foot, there are four bulbs across and down, so there are 16 bulbs in one square foot. The bulbs area is 361 square feet. The baseboard has total of 5776 bulbs. You have a remote switch in your hand. You turn the entire baseboard ON. Some bulbs are dirty, some does not work, some are bright, and some are dim.  This is exactly what we have as a first piece of whole picture of humanity in our daily lives.


Our humanity is not pure. There is dust somewhere some place. Some AREA is dark, some area is bright. Some area is dim. There is lose connection somewhere. There is carelessness in our attitude, sometimes, if not awalys.


Now if we examine the bulbs one by one, clean the dirty bulbs, replace the bad bulbs with new ones, place a plastic or glass transparent cover on top the bulbs, and then turn the baseboard ON. We now are much more happy, much more satisfied, and we have peace of mind. In daily lives, we have some bulbs that glow just like lightening during thunderstorm, we have some bulbs that need replacement, and we have some bulbs that need to be cleaned. We have to protect the baseboard of humanity. We have to create the charm, luster, brightness within ourselves, forever.





Take second example:


we get new shirt from store. The minute we buy the shirt, the thoughts start flowing in our mind; I am going to wear this shirt in a special occasion coming up in a few months. When ladies buy a dress, they also start thinking that they will wear in somebodys wedding or any important occasion. The day arrives, and we wear that shirt, go and attend that occasion, all of a sudden, we see that shirt has a small hole; a new hole just happened few moments ago, how do we feel at that time? Don’t we feel upset? Dont we feel like chapati or bread burns on a stove? We should feel the same way when our humanity is hurt. We should feel the same way when our humanity is going down or becoming incomplete, or going away.


When we see the pit holes on a road after snow season, authorities fix those holes and make the road smooth. Time to time, we also should fix, lubricate and fine tune our own religion “Humanity”.


Our religion, humanity is incomplete today. We do compromise on a daily basis. We do have a lack of discipline, lack in our attitude in daily routine lives. We all do have many good qualities within ourselves, We all do have lots of characteristics of a good human being, however we have double standards, we compromise and escape thru our own created windows. In today’s lives, the tragedy is that we have lots of pit holes in our life. It seems that these pit holes are so deep, it will take life time to fix those pits. Don’t we think? Is not this a compromise?


It is not that the humans in present time did all these mistakes, or it is not that we compromise in today’s world or it is not that we in present time try to hide our weaknesses. This is happening for hundreds of years. If we keep thinking that it happens, there is so much damage done, we can not patch the damage, then we are compromising with current happening.  Is it not true? Is this not a negative attitude? Aren’t we weak? Is it not tragedy? We all need to think positive.

We are adding weight of tensions, stress and worries not only to ourselves, but for others as well. We should be strong to eliminate our own weaknesses.  We should take a reverse course of actions to eliminate the weight of tensions, stress and worries.


Do not we feel light, when our tension is removed on a particular subject?


Do not we think, feel and experience at that time, and say, “Thank God.”?


We all should have feeling like this every moment of our lives. We all can achieve this since we have very powerful mind.


if we sit back and observe the daily activities in todays world, we see that Manavata (Humanity) is replaced by Danavata (evil strength).


We do follow the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th and so on pieces of whole picture of humanity by all means, however the first basic step is not here with us. We should hold it tightly and never leave it as we did before.

We became advanced. We follow all other religious activities, we go to temples, churches, mosques, but we just jumped the first step which is the most important, required and essential step of humanity. We became advanced by intention. We made this mistake. We damaged ourselves, and if we do not get back what we lost, we will suffer more and more.


It does not matter what religion we belong to; Hinduism, Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Buddhism or Sikhism. It does not matter. Because before these religions came, we human came first, and we brought humanity with us by birth.




History witnesses that there were people like Mahatma Gandhi, Ravishankar Maharaj, Vinoba Bhave, Jaiprakash Narayan, Swami Vivekanand. They were not great by birth. They took necessary initiatives and actions to create a good world surrounding them. They tried and succeeded. Good men were also here such as Abraham Lincoln, Dr. Martin Luther King, etc. They tried to lead the people in the right direction. Even today, there are good men, but the tragedy is, they are hiding from the happenings in today’s world. Good men need to come forward, to lead today’s generation in right direction.


If we can not be a Rishi, or Sage, or Holy man, we can try to be a good human being. And of course, we can create good men by giving proper education, training and directions to youngsters.


We listen to Sage, or Great Rishi, or Holy Man, and this is good. The situation today is that people like to listen to the holy man, sage, or Rishi, when time comes, the same people don’t implement. Wouldn’t it be better if we implement what we listen from these good men?


We see in todays world that there is competition for the chair. We see and listen in news that there are so many things are going wrong. We also see there are arguments between relatives, husband and wife, mother-in-law and daughter-in-law, between two brothers, sons and fathers, daughters, sisters and so on. I am not talking fight or war between two nations, because this is the last thing. We feel helpless and for our own comfort, we cut corners, and we say that when two frying pans get together, it is obvious to have noise. This is an excuse and it is man made statement. We intend to hide our weaknesses, we compromise.


We have to set an example to our own children, to our own young generations, then to the neighbor, then to the community, and so on. We should become strong and wise to face day-to-day problems and we should be smart to resolve these issues. But when? When we bring back and place the first piece of puzzle where it belongs.


Some of us feel awkward to say the word – SORRY -  to our kids. Some of us yell to children in homes. Later, if we find out that the child was innocent, we feel difficult to say – SORRY - to our own child. We should say “Sorry” if we are wrong. To do so, we have to develop the understanding. By apologizing, we apologize from the future generations of our own society, future generations of our own country. This is very important.


I like to analyze small matters, because first thing first. Then it become big picture. If we take care of little things first, then we certainly create big picture successfully.


As mentioned above, First self, then family, then neighbor, then community, then state, then country.


First we do sat-sang (discussion of philosophy) with family members, then with neighbors, then with community and so on…


Satsang means Sat (truth) and sang (company), a company of truth, or a discussion of truth, philosophy, company of a holyman, etc. It is so simple. Sat-sang also means a company of good man.


We don’t have to get frustrated by thinking that there is lots of corruptions, there are so many corrupt officials, cheat, lie, crimes, thefts etc. This entire picture is upside down, we as a true humans, have to make this entire picture as it was in its original position. We have to form reverse course to do so.  We should start from ourselves, and to make good environment surrounding us. At least someone has to start, so why not us? Its like charity begins at home. As I said earlier, first self, then family, then neighbor, then community, then town, then county, then state, then country.


We certainly can do this by giving correct and proper training to our children. Whatever is happening in present will stay until new generation will come and take over the system. So we can make the difference by giving and providing proper training and education to our children.


Past is past, it is gone. Whatever is done, is long gone. The only thing matters in present is the mistakes we made in past, we can learn from our mistakes and teach our future generations not to repeat those mistakes. Other than this, we should not waste our valuable time thinking about past. Instead, each of us has to think about the present and future. Because the present is in our own hands. We should give our children the best possible training about humanity. To do so, we have to find our lost piece of puzzle first and hold tightly so that it can not be lost again. And day in day out, we have to implement this lost piece then educate our future generations.


Just sit back and think, the officials who are corrupt, the individuals who commit crime, or the individuals who do illegal activities, they did not come from space, they are also some ones children. They had lack of proper training and the kind of genetic materials they belong to.


One classic example is Prahlad, who was born in evil family, and by satsang, he turned into saint. I don’t think anybody is bad from the birth. Family circumstances, surrounding situation also has a great impact when a child is growing.


Whatever is happening today is the effects and results of pasts actions taken by us, humans. The actions taken today form the future. Therefore we, humans are responsible for the current situation, and we are also responsible for the future situation. Our future depends on what we do today. Our own deeds in present time is waiting for us in a future as Destiny. We, humans form our own destiny.


Sit back and think. If we have a fight with someone today, and we said some bad words, it will come back to us sooner or later as a fireball. We are creating so many fireballs everyday. And these fireballs are floating around us somewhere. And these fireballs will eventually come to us and hit us. We, humans are not humans anymore by true means. We are down, however we are not danavs (evils) either. We stand in between.


We have great power, great strength, infinite possibilities hiding within us. We have to use this strength, power and possibilities wisely. We have to find the missing piece of puzzle. Lets find out that missing piece of puzzle and repeat it over and over like a kinder garden student. Just like repeating how to write 1.


The first piece of puzzle of a humanity is “How to live a good life”

Before we discuss the basic rules and fundamentals of how to live a good life, lets examine how many kinds of humans are there on this earth?


















How many kinds of humans are there on this earth?


In this world, there are three kinds of humans, bad, medium and good kinds of humans according to the spiritual leaders, sages, or holy men. And according to Hinduism, there are three kind of humans by nature, i.e. Tamas (darkness), Rajas (Passion), and sattwa (Goodness). So if we multiply three by three, there are nine kinds of humans. Very simple math. But my calculation is somewhat different. There are seven types of humans. And in each kind there are Tamas (darkness), Rajas (Passion), and sattwa (Goodness), so there are total of 27 kinds of humans we have. Lets examine each kind.


1. Evil



































These basic fundamentals are:


1. Do Not lie.

2. Do Not steal.

3. Do Not cheat.








We all have read this statement so many times in so many holy books, and in spiritual literatures. This statement is not a product of just one day, or one year. This is the conclusion of thousands of years of study performed by spiritual leaders and sages, worldwide.


Lets analyze this statement.


Why never lie, steal or cheat? What will happen if we lie, steal or cheat? Did we ask these questions to ourselves? Did anybody think about these questions? Why did spiritual leaders and sages write this statement?


We all read these things in spiritual literatures; we even see the movies based on these literatures on TV. Did we implement this? Do we follow this in our daily lives? This states that we went back, we went down, and we are not humans anymore by true means. We are in between humans and evils.


SO we should have this question in our minds, because we are trying to get what we lost, the first piece of whole picture, humanity.


Lets think and analyze these statement scientifically.


What will be results if we lie, steal or cheat? What are the benefits if we lie, steal or cheat or what are the loses if we lie, steal or cheat?


We all know what will happen if we lie or steal or cheat. We all know the results if we lie, steal or cheat. We all know there are loses, only loses if we lie, or steal or cheat. Don’t we?




Mohandas K. Gandhi once said, if it benefits hundreds of individuals, then lie is not a lie. Are we like Gandhi? What level are we living in? We are not Mr. Gandhi; he was called “Mahatma” means “great soul”. We even do not have a part of his level.


How many times in a single day, do we lie? Did we examine at the end of day, how many times we lied?


We wake up in morning, go to work, come in contact with others, report to our superiors, come home, spend time with family, wife, children, parents, go see friend, talk to neighbor, etc.


Now sit back and think, how many times in a day do we lie? Just observe for a week, and we will be surprised, we lie so many times?

We live in tension, stress and unnecessary burden. We have some kind of fear. We live in fear every moment.


Why do we have to live in such fear? Why do we have to live in tension? Why do we have to live in stress and in unnecessary burden?


1. When we lie, we live in fear.

2. When we lie, we have to remember who did we lied to.

3. When we lie, we have to remember the subject.

4. And time, day, date etc.


5. We will have to lie again, to hide the first lie.

6. If we get caught, what would be our impression? Dont we lose that persons trust? If we get caught, the person not only be angry at us, he will also tell others to watch us. Same thing could happen in family. We will lose respect. We lose respect in society.


7. We have to pay a price.


Why bother? Why all these unnecessary tension? Why to live this wonderful life under the gun? Why live life in a bondage of lie? Why create enemies? If we tell the truth, we can be fear free, we can be bondage free, we can be worry free, tension free, stress free and burden free. Look at the benefits of speaking the truth, telling the truth.


We can create the good impression in family and in society.


Sometimes we lie to save friend, or co-worker. Dont we make our friend weak by doing this?

The day we dont lie, we will feel stress free, and tension free. If we live tension free life, we can spend good time with our family members, we can teach our children the se values. We have to implement first before we advise others.


So we have a choice; which side do we want to go? Do we want to lie or do we not want to lie? We analyzed the benefits and loses of lies and truths.


What are the benefits of lying? If there is any, I want to know so that I can benefit from it.


Lets decide as of today not to lie in any circumstances, in any surrounding situations and no matter what happens, we will speak the truth. And if we lied in past, lets be ready to face the fireballs we created in past. We will ask for forgiveness from that person(s) to whom we lied in past. And we will accept whatever punishment we get from that person.


I had read a statement somewhere, that a world created on a basis of lies, does not stand for long.


We have to put this statement, "Never lie" into practice, every moment in our lives. One week, two weeks, four weeks, two months until it becomes habit.


So this is the first step of "How to live a good life?"



2. Never steal or cheat.


When we steal or cheat, we live in fear, on the edge, we are creating     worry for the future.


If we get caught, what would be our impression? Don’t we lose that person’s trust? If we get caught, the person not only be angry at us, he will also tell others to watch us. Same thing could happen in family. We will lose respect. We lose respect in society.  We will be thrown out of society, we have to pay the price.









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