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This site is dedicated to my father.

Hello, welcome to my site.

My Name is Vasant Amin

I work as ISO Management Representative.


A brief history of mine.

I was born in India, & I came here in US in 1978. I was 18 when I came here, worked as a general laborer in factory for 6 years, then flew back to India in the end of 1984, came back in 1985. I started school in electronics in 1985. Then I worked in Electronic company as a machine operator.

After completing two basic courses in Electronics, I started working as QA Inspector in 1986. Meanwhile, I joined YTI and studied Electronics. I had my Associates in Electronics in 1991. Then, I started working as Quality Engineer. I guess my past experience in Quality came in handy.

Meanwhile, I studied Quality Statistical control and Quality management.

In year 2000, I started as Laboratory Assistant. Then, in 2004, I worked as ISO Management Representative, and now, since last 3 years, I work as Quality Manager.

My Resume                                                                                                         

Vasant V. Amin
27 Agape Drive
Ephrata, PA 17522
(717) 733-2323

Career objective:

 A position in Quality Assurance using technical and laboratory skills to improve product quality and quality system.

Summary & Accomplishments

            Over 24 years of experience in Quality Assurance/Quality Control. Have worked with world class quality standards.
           Knowledge of ISO 9000, UL requirements, Trained in SPC, failure analysis and other quality techniques.
         Associate in Electronics from York Technical Institute, York, PA
         Quality Management I & II from Penn State University.
         Strong Calibration, Test, Operational and Standardization skills.
         Computer Literate: Developed Calibration and Test SOPs and various forms for Lab and QA Dept., Lab Yield Reports, Rejected
           material reports, Trend analysis reports along with graphs using Microsoft Excel and Word.
         Calculations of uncertainty budget.
         Developed proactive program using Excel to maintain Calibration. Technical Knowledge; Calibration of Dimensional, Mechanical &
Electronic & Mechanical Equipment, Calibration of Pipettes.
         Set Standards of Heavily used Test Equipment for periodic performance check.
         Knowledge of Gauge R&R.
         US Citizen, fluent English, Gujarati and Hindi.
         Self disciplined, highly accurate, detail conscious, excellent communicational skills, able to meet deadlines, Work very well under
           pressure, creative and self-starter.

 Professional Experience:

     Garber Metrology, PA                                                                                               Feb. 2000 to Present

     Promoted to Quality Manager; Responsible for updating and maintaining the Quality management system that include Quality
     Assurance Manual, Operating Procedures, Calibration Procedures, Work Instructions, Forms, Trend Analysis, Uncertainty budgets,
     Customers satisfaction log, Venders approved list, ISO 9001 and ISO/IEC 17025 certificate and scope, adding new uncertainty

     budgets in existing scope, preparing and closing CARs, Internal Quality Audit Program, & Calibration.

      Lab Assistant; Responsible for calibration of Dimensional Gages, writing Calibration Procedures, Preparing Cal. Data Sheet on Excel,
     Keeping Lab to date.

      Berk-Tek, division of Alcatel N.A., New Holland, PA                                                                                 May 1999 to Feb 2000

      Responsible for maintaining Calibration of various types of equipment, maintaining ISO 9000 and achieving Quality goals
     for  Telephone and Data Communications Cable.

Grinnell Corporation, Columbia, PA                                                                                                             Nov. 1998 to May 1999

     Responsible for maintaining Calibration Program, ISO 9000 and achieving Quality goals for pipe fitting products.

Berk-Tek, division of Alcatel N.A., New Holland, PA                                                                                        Apr 1993 to July 1998

     Responsible for maintaining Calibration of various types of equipment, maintaining ISO 9000 and achieving Quality goals for Telephone   and Data Communications Cable.


Trained in Internal Quality Auditing, Uncertainty budget seminars.

     Developed Calibration and Test SOPs, Drawings and Forms to achieve and maintain ISO 9000 certification and
     improve Measurement System.

     Balanced Calibration Schedule to lower the cost.

     Created Time Standard for Calibration Program to improve time management within QA Dept.

     Developed Lab Yield Quality summary reports which resulted faster spotting problems, lower stocks of rejected
     products, lower the down time.

     Created Time Standard and Turn Around Time for Final Inspection to improve quality system so that final product moved
     faster to shipping door resulting in higher customer satisfaction.

     Created Rejected Material report compared to total production which helped to recognize the problems with Particular machines.

Ferranti Technologies, Inc. Lancaster, PA.                                                                                                   Oct.  1986 to Feb. 1992

     Quality Inspector, Quality Technician.

     Responsible for inspecting Printed Circuit Boards at various level of assembly, inspecting and measuring physical
     dimensions  and electrical parameters of various electronic and mechanical components for receiving inspection, inspecting
     and testing wire and cable assemblies. Occasionally supervised QA Individuals.


Promoted to Quality Technician.
     Received Perfect Attendance Certificate for 6 consecutive quarters.
     Consistently received excellent reviews.
     Certified each year for Weapon Spec and then MIL-STD-2000


York Technical Institute, York, PA

Associate Degree Electronics. GPA: 3.63 Academic Honor

The Penn-State University, Lancaster, PA

Quality Management I & II
Basic Electronics I & II (AC & DC Theory), Elementary and College Algebra.
Statistical Quality Control I & II

Employer sponsored training program for Mil-Std-2000 and supplier (Zumbach Electronics) sponsored seminar.


Learning, Writing, Hindu Philosophy, Computers and Sports.


I miss most - My Father



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